Our Story

Everyone loves cakes, and the same goes to us. But we also LOVE to create one. The art of producing beautifully crafted cakes is what we try to achieve, and also what we want our customer to experienced.

No matter what form and sizes, and no matter what occasions, we will try our best to deliver it to your front door, because we have one goal in our mind.

We will BAKE everyone happy!

Our Cakes

We accept orders for different variety of cakes, including:

A, Regular Cakes

  • Chocomaltine (chocolate cake with crunchy chocomaltine filling)
  • Choco cake with choco buttercream -(chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream & choco caviar)
  • Creamy Vanillaberry (vanilla cake with strawberry/blueberry buttercream)
  • Vanillaberry (vanilla cake with strawberry/blueberry jam)
  • Lemon cake (lemon cake with lemon jam)
  • Sweetcheese vanilla (vanilla cake with sweetcheese filling)

B. Cupcakes

  • Choconutella (chocolate cupcakes with nutella filling inside)
  • Vanillaberry (vanilla cupcakes with strawberry/blueberry jam inside)
  • Lemon (vanilla cupcakes with lemon jam inside)
  • Cookies and cream (vanilla cupcakes & oreo)
  • Chocobanana (banana cupcake with chocolate filling inside)

C. Snack Box

Choose your snacks :
  • Muffin (chocolate / vanilla / lemon)
  • Fruit pie
  • Choux Burger
  • Silky Pudding
  • Ragout pie
  • Pastry

Contact Us

Contact Us

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